White house protests US ELECTION

Photo: Ian Birrell / Twitter

Watch: US Election – protests erupt outside of White House

The is discontent in the not-so-United States of America on Wednesday. A protest has erupted near the White House, after polls closed in the US Election.

White house protests US ELECTION

Photo: Ian Birrell / Twitter

A group of protesters made tracks towards the White House on Wednesday morning, as the results from the US Election continue to pour in. The projections have been more favourable to Trump, but with a number of states still up in the air – and millions of mail-in ballots yet to be counted – calling a winner is impossible at this stage.

US Election latest – projections for Biden vs Trump

Joe Biden looks likely to flip Arizona, but Trump is on course to hold key battlegrounds in Florido, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The election polls had suggested the Democratic nominee was primed to cruise home, but history is seemingly repeating itself in America – the president is surging on Election Day once again.

The mood is, perhaps understandably, tense at the moment. Both sides feel they have so much to lose if the result does not go their way in the coming days. The anxiety across the US is now manifesting itself on the streets…

Watch: Protesters head for the White House

US Election ‘may not be decided on Wednesday

Earlier this week, White House officials erected a ‘non-scalable fence’ around the perimeter of the iconic building, fearing that protests would indeed erupt after the polls had closed.

As of 7:45 on Wednesday, there had been no reports of violence – and voter suppression has been kept to a minimum. However, tensions still remain at the boil. You can expect this saga to roll on for at least a few more days.