US Election Donald Trump

Photo: Flickr / Gage Skidmore

US Election: Trump says he’s already planning to ‘challenge results’

Donald Trump has already got his priorities in order, it seems. The president has confirmed he will fight to discount certain results in the US Election.

US Election Donald Trump

Photo: Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump has stoked the flames of discontent on the day the polls opened in the US Election. The president told reporters in North Carolina that his lawyers are already planning to ‘challenge the final results’ of the nationwide ballot.

US Election: Why would Donald Trump challenge the results?

POTUS is rejecting the notion that mail-in votes could take a few days to get counted fully, as just under 100 million American voters have already gone down the ‘remote route’. It looks like the USA is on for a record turnout, and due to COVID-19 restrictions, many citizens have chosen to make their voices heard away from the ballot booths.

Earlier this week, the Republican Party lost a crucial legal battle to discount 126 000 votes in Harris County. The town had conducted ‘drive-thru’ polling, and despite meeting all electoral regulations, Trump’s team wanted the votes scrapping.

Donald Trump ‘wants all votes counted by Tuesday 3 November’

Shortly after a campaign rally, Donald told the media that he will fight to have any votes that aren’t counted by the time polls close on Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning, for us South Africans) discounted and invalidated.

“I don’t think it’s fair that we have to wait for a long period of time after the election to get the results. We’re going in the night of – as soon as the election is over – we’re going in with our lawyers.”

Donald Trump

Biden lawyer says his team are ‘ready’ for US Election results challenge

The Biden campaign, however, remains unfazed by this threat. Bob Bauer is one of the lawyers who has aligned with the Democratic nominee, and he told the press that Trump simply ‘would not succeed’ going down this route.

“Trump may fantasize or claim he has all sorts of ways of stomping out the election results, terrorising polling places and the like, and that’s just not the case. If he tries, he won’t succeed. We are ready for it.”

Bob Bauer