DJ Sumbody

Tweeps demand answers in DJ Sumbody’s murder. Images via Instagram @djsumbodysa.

‘No clue’: Tweeps demand answers for the murder of DJ Sumbody

Concerns are mounting over the silence of authorities in the murder case of DJ Sumbody, who was murdered during a shooting in November.

DJ Sumbody

Tweeps demand answers in DJ Sumbody’s murder. Images via Instagram @djsumbodysa.

Twitter users are demanding answers for the murder case of Oupa Sefako, popularly known as DJ Sumbody.

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The Ayepyep Lifestyle owner was tragically murdered in Woodmead, north of Johannesburg on 21 November 2022, together with his driver while en route to a gig. As of yet, the motive for the shooting has not been disclosed, but fans are demanding answers. It also seems as though the perpetrators behind his murder are still at large as no arrests have been made public.

A Twitter user by the handle of @billionaireWana speculated that the DJ might have allegedly been involved in some shady dealing with dangerous people, since the case has not progressed.

@billionaireWana tweeted “DJ Sumbody must have been involved in some really shady dealings with really dangerous people… no case, no investigation, no statements, no clue, like nothing, the man is just forgotten like he never existed…. Wow.”

The Twitter user added that it is shocking how everyone is quiet about the case, “It is crazy … it is dead quiet, people were crying their eyes out at his funeral but it seems like they moved on the same day, no 1 is asking anything, not even a hashtag “Justice for Sumbody “ … nothing, he died and people moved on.”

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Twitter users have reacted to the tweet and many have slammed authorities for their silence.

@bothwells wrote “The silence around this case is very loud, dude has been forgotten very fast hey”

@nkosilathizhl wrote “There are people who control and rule the streets they sit on the high table, high offices they just give an order to the cleaners just like that boom you are gone (The Bosses ) so hey they make sure no one talks otherwise chaos”

@ErolMatsobane “Our justice system only protects top politicians, now in mzansi if you don’t do it traditional way uzosala indoda yasenzela, nna ke loya motho a tsamaya ka lepona…..saps will just waste your time and of course more pain”

@vonakalani “One would not be blamed for thinking the state is involved. Some of these killings that happened in PTA involving gangs were planned by state intelligence.”

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Speaking to Daily Sun, the family of the slain Amapiano DJ said they pray that his killer will get his revenge.

“We hope that God and our ancestors intervene so the perpetrators get what they deserve. At the moment, we are waiting to hear that they are arrested…The family is still traumatized and mourning his death,” said DJ Sumbody’s aunt Motlakaladi Moshidi.

Shortly after his death, the family performed a ritual at the crime scene in which they summoned his spirit from the scene where he was brutally murdered.

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