Prince Harry

Prince Harry given ultimatum by King Charles. Photo: DANIEL LEAL/POOL/AFP.

Prince Harry recalls burying child in grave he dug with bare hands

In his book ‘Spare,’ Prince Harry opens up about the devastating moment he learned his wife, Meghan, had a miscarriage.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry given ultimatum by King Charles. Photo: DANIEL LEAL/POOL/AFP.

Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, was released on Tuesday 10 January and among the many personal matters he delved into, he recalled the devastating moment he learned his wife Meghan Markle had a miscarriage and his experience burying their child.

The Duchess of Sussex had a miscarriage in 2020 — one year after the birth of their first child, Archie, who will be turning four in May.

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In his book, the Duke of Sussex explained that on the “first morning” in their new house, the Duchess showed the first signs of a miscarriage — Express reports.

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She experienced “abdominal pains” and bleeding before collapsing to the floor. She was rushed to the ocal hospital.

“When the doctor walked into the room, I didn’t hear one word she said, I just watched her face, her body language. I already knew. We both did,” Harry wrote, adding that they both held each other and wept.

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Harry also shared that they left the hospital carrying a “tiny package” to go and bury their child in a secret place. Their child was buried under a banyan tree.

He said: “Under a spreading banyan tree, while Meg wept, I dug a hole with my hands and set the tiny package softly in the ground.”


According to The Guardian, Harry’s book is selling like hot cakes. The publisher, Transworld Penguin Random House, said 400 000 hardback, e-book and audio copies were sold in the UK on the first day alone.

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Harry revealed that the memoir’s title stemmed from a word he was labeled the moment he was born — a “spare”.

His brother Prince William would become king one day, after their father, King Charles III, while the Duke felt he was “the shadow, the support, the Plan B” in their family and in the country.

“I was summoned to provide backup, distraction, diversion and, if necessary, a spare part. Kidney, perhaps. Blood transfusion. Speck of bone marrow.

“This was all made explicitly clear to me from the start of life’s journey and regularly reinforced after,” he wrote.

Prince Harry Spare
Prince Harry’s autobiography is the fastest-selling non-fiction book ever, recording sales of 400 000 copies on its first day of release. Photo: ANGELA WEISS / AFP