‘Turning Psychoanalysis into W

‘Turning Psychoanalysis into Wine’ — UCT Birthday Lecture in London

UK based alumni are invited to gather at Kings College London on 2 April for a talk by Professor Mark Solms entiteled “Turning Psychoanalysis into Wine”.

‘Turning Psychoanalysis into W

solms-delta-estate-prof-mark-solms-185x280University of Cape Town alumni around the world are gathering to celebrate UCT’s 96th birthday with alumni events taking place in  Cape Town, New York, Canada, Melbourne, Sydney and London.

UK based alumni are invited to gather at Kings College London on 2 April for a talk by Professor Mark Solms entiteled  “Turning Psychoanalysis into Wine”.

In academic circles, Mark Solms is best known for his landmark discovery of the brain mechanisms of dreaming, and for his interest in the integration of modern neuroscience with psychoanalytic theories and methods.   However, Professor Solms’ personal dream is one that he pursues outside of academia. On behalf of the Solms-Delta family estate, he is overseeing the rebirth of a Franschhoek farm where wine has been produced over the past four centuries.

When he took over the Delta farm in 2002, Professor Solms knew that he wanted the farm to contribute to the redevelopment of South Africa by means of a land reform project that would give employees a one-third equity stake in the estate. His idea was initially met with resistance and apathy, and in order to understand this, he sat down with the farmworkers and listened, and through this process, realized that their resistance stemmed from the legacy of slavery itself: the farm had been established using slave labour, and many of the present-day workers are themselves descendants of slaves.

Drawing on his experience in psychoanalysis, Solms decided to face the history of the area head-on, employing a team of historians and archaeologists to uncover the past as a means of “finding out what’s the matter” today.

In 2005, the Solms family established the Wijn de Caab Trust to benefit the 200 historically disadvantaged residents and employees of the Solms-Delta wine estate. The Wijn de Caab Trust now has a 33% equity stake in Solms-Delta, and the profit from wine sales has been used to build and refurbish decent and comfortable homes for the workers and their families, create recreational facilities, and fund social services like private education and healthcare that benefit all.

Tickets: £20 – Solms-Delta wine will be served

Venue: Kings College London, The Strand, WC2

Time:  6.30pm

RSVP: uct.alumni.uk@tecres.net to purchase tickets and request payment instructions

Numbers are limited so please get in touch asap to secure your place.

If you are unable to come to this event, why not get together with fellow alumni to toast your alma mater and reminisce about your time at UCT.

You are invited to email photos of your gathering to uct.alumni.uk@tecres.net or tweet them using the hashtag #uctbirthday