Donovan 'toothsta' tooth

Fitness instructor Donovan ‘Toothsta’ Tooth has landed in hot water after posting a foul-mouthed rant. Photo: Screenshot

Cancelled: Donovan ‘Toothsta’ Tooth in hot water over fat-shaming rant

“Toothsta” has a history of loud-mouthed rants targeting people for their appearance, and his latest fat-phobic tirade is the final straw.

Donovan 'toothsta' tooth

Fitness instructor Donovan ‘Toothsta’ Tooth has landed in hot water after posting a foul-mouthed rant. Photo: Screenshot

It’s fair to say that Donovan “Toothsta” Tooth has been “cancelled”. 

The personal trainer and owner of active-wear brand Panda has failed miserably to make amends for a bizarre fat-phobic rant he released on Friday 18 September, in which he told women he considers to be overweight to “get on a treadmill, b***h”. 

A limp apology in which he assured his followers that his remarks were “uncalled for” and “hurtful” has done precious little to salvage whatever reputation he once commanded, and he has since removed himself from all forms of social media. 

Donovan Tooth’s foul-mouthed rant  

In an angry, foul-mouthed video posted to his Instastories, ‘Toothsta’ said that women are being told that they should love and cherish their bodies regardless of their weight, and are thus, he so eloquently put it, “un-normal”. 

“These overweight, chubby f***** women are getting posted up and are being told ‘curves are beautiful and curves are strong.’”

He alluded to a picture of plus-sized model Nelly London, saying “In anyone’s right f****** mind, that woman is not curvy… She’s got f****** 10 kilos to lose. Like b****, get on a f****** treadmill and lose the fat”.

Clearly unfazed by the crude remarks, London posted a picture of herself on Sunday evening smiling joyfully with the caption “I am just the smiliest happy angel girl today, look at all those teeth”.

‘Toothsta’ released a brief apology on facebook before retreating from the social pages, and said that he hopes his followers and clients can forgive him.

“Yesterday’s video was uncalled for an completely wrong, and I should never have said those things that I did. I’ve hurt and affected many people and sincerely apologise. I hope you can forgive me for this. I have learnt a valuable lesson that I will take with me for the rest of my life.”

Panda distances itself from founder Toothsta  

Tooth is a self-proclaimed motivational speaker, a fitness instructor and has had a hand in several active wear brands over the last few years. His most recent venture, Panda, has now distanced itself from the comments made by its foul-mouthed founder. 

“Panda Clothing and it’s shareholders disassociates itself from the derogatory post which was an attack on the female form. It is unacceptable, shameful and has no place in Panda’s value system,” they said in a statement on Sunday. 

They said that Toothsta’s actions will be investigated over the course of an internal disciplinary process.

“Panda offers an apology for the widespread hurt that was caused and an internal review process/disciplinary procedure has been initiated.

“Panda represents the celebration of fitness regardless of anyone’s shape or form. To reassure our valued female clients we respect women in every aspect and acknowledge and admire them in all forms.”

Toothsta urged to stop training women  

Fitness coach Mandy Meyer slated Tooth, saying that his remarks were ignorant to the struggles women face on a daily basis due to the unrealistic expectations of a patriarchal society and fantastical advertising campaigns. 

“I’m not here today to point out that your apology is useless… I’m not here to point out that this is not the first time you have bullied people,” she said. 

“You have no idea what struggles people are going through, you have no idea how far women are in their journey already, how many kids they have birthed, how many are happy and confident in their bodies already.” 

Meyer requested that Tooth step away from the women he has been hired to train, saying that he has no right or credentials to help them along their fitness journeys. 

“From one coach to another, I am here to ask you to set free and release any clients you have that are women. Someone like you will do more damage to those women than anyone else.” 

“Do not take anymore female clients until you have worked on yourself and everything that is bothering you, because clearly there is a lot.”