24 February is Tortilla Day. Image: Pixabay

Today we celebrate Tortilla Chip Day

Food lovers unite because on 24 February, we celebrate this crunchy, delicious treat; it’s Tortilla Chip Day


24 February is Tortilla Day. Image: Pixabay

Many food enthusiasts have a serious passion for their favorite dishes, and for some, it’s tortilla chips.

To celebrate this love, they have designated a Tortilla Chip Day.

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History of tortilla chip day

The popularity of tortilla chips stems from both their origin and taste.

To make the chip, corn tortillas (composed of corn, vegetable oil, salt, and water) are cut into wedges and fried.

The United States is one of the primary markets for tortilla chips.

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Surprisingly, these chips were mass-produced in Los Angeles in the late 1940s, despite being commonly associated with Mexican cuisine.

She transformed them into a snack by cutting them into triangles and frying them.

Tortilla chips are a sensation, growing in popularity with each passing year. With endless options for preparation and consumption, they are a well-liked snacking choice for any occasion.

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They bring a fiesta-like atmosphere to any gathering and have the perfect balance of crunch and saltiness to put a smile on anyone’s face.