This just in: Brown launching

This just in: Brown launching own inquiry into State Capture at Eskom and Brian Molefe

One of many investigations into Eskom and friends.

This just in: Brown launching

Surprise! More news has emerged late this morning regarding Eskom, Brian Molefe and Minister of Public Enterprises Lynne Brown. Brown has publically announced that she is launching her own inquiry regarding state capture at Eskom and with its CEO Brian Molefe.

Brown explained that she wants the special investigating unit to review the previous seven investigations into Eskom that have previously been carried out. This includes the notorious State Of Capture report.  AKA. the report that heavily linked Brian Molefe to the Guptas via numerous phone calls and visits to their residence.

Brown says that she wants the investigating unit to even conduct further investigations if necessary. The minister insists that the investigation will be broad and include Eskom’s controversial coal contracts. What happens after this Investigative Unit has finished the job? Brown wants a retired judge to analyse the latest findings and then recommend further action.

Brown also continued to sing the praises of the power utility. Pointing out that 2 years ago Eskom was on the brink of financial collapse. Now, there has been no power disruption in over 500 days. While she may sing Eskom’s praises it is important to remember that during that period, a large bailout was received from government. As to the DA’s claims that Eskom staff were yesterday “destroying paperwork relating to Molefe.” The Minister says that she has only read about those claims in the papers, but she has asked the chair and co. secretary to look into it.

Brown again stressed her unhappiness with the fact that “people’s names have been tarnished without legal process.” All of this despite the 7 investigations that have taken place. In terms of a public investigation, the minister says that she does not want to overstep parliament, who will probably themselves call witnesses to testify in public.