‘There is no Covid-19, 5G towe

ANC’s Ward 24 councillor in the eThekwini Municipality, Sfiso Mngadi. Image: Facebook – EThekwini Municipality

‘There is no Covid-19, 5G towers are causing this thing to kill’ – ANC eThekwini councillor

The councillor, described as eccentric, also said he personally witnessed White people being vaccinated at the Pavilion shopping center in KZN.

‘There is no Covid-19, 5G towe

ANC’s Ward 24 councillor in the eThekwini Municipality, Sfiso Mngadi. Image: Facebook – EThekwini Municipality

An ANC councilor in eThekwini has courted huge controversy after claiming that Covid-19 was a myth and that 5G cellphone towers are the cause of this “thing” killing people.

Sfiso Mngadi, a ward 24 councilor, told TimesLive that he personally witnessed White people being ‘vaccinated’ five months ago.

In an audio clip, Mngadi is reportedly heard saying: “Maybe we as councillors need to call a special council meeting, take a decision that all 5G towers must be disconnected in eThekwini.”

“As leaders of eThekwini we need to take action against this disease. It is not Covid. We are getting this thing from 5G towers, [some] installed during this period in preparation of the second wave.”

Already vaccinated White people

“White people were vaccinated about five months ago. There was a truck that distributed the vaccine in boxes and white people from all over the province, including places like Ixopo and Vryheid, went there to receive these boxes. It was given to white people only.”

Mngadi said that once 5G towers are disconnected there would be no more sickness in eThekwini.

“This thing of sitting around waiting for Zweli Mkhize, for Ramaphosa … let us just disconnect the 5G towers. In other countries they disconnected them.”

Mngadi suggested that the eThekwini disaster and information technology departments should begin disconnecting the 5G towers, “failing which, we will all die.”

Disturbing and dangerous

DA eThekwini caucus leader Nicole Graham has lodged a formal complaint with the council speaker over Mngadi’s comments.

“This is a very disturbing voicenote and claim, even for councilor Mngadi. He is known to be eccentric. It is also dangerous. We can’t have communities, especially those that are vulnerable, already facing serious health challenges, believing that Covid-19 is not real or being persuaded by this form of propaganda.”

Graham said the DA hoped there would be an investigation to ensure that public representatives did not get away with such irresponsible comments.

An undetered Mngadi confirmed to TimesLIVE that he recorded the voice note, and that he stood by his comments.

“Yes, it comes from me. I made more research about it. I know the matter of Pavilion [shopping centre], I know. I was at the garage, a truck came and parked and white people came and took boxes. You can see that it was for white people only. We sat with the garage staff and the process took about five hours. It adds up now; they were being given vaccines.”

When pressed as to how he knew the contents of the boxes were Covid-19 vaccines, Mngadi could not answer.

The ANC’s regional leader, Bheki Ntuli, said he needed time to listen to the recording.

At a media briefing on Sunday, KwaZulu-Natal premier Sihle Zikalala spoke strongly against “5G conspiracies.”

Zikalala issued an appeal for people to educate themselves about the coronavirus.