The no confidence vote didn’t

The no confidence vote didn’t quite go as the DA planned, Zuma lives to fight another day

Yesterday could have made history; instead it just proved again how powerful the ANC is in parliament.

The no confidence vote didn’t

Pretty much every single opposition party, under the leadership of Mmusi Maimane, voted for President Zuma to be removed from office… unfortunately it was like farting against thunder, as the ANC pretty much steamrolled the entire process.

That said, the debate did raise some pretty interesting issues, and highlighted a few old gripes.

Zuma the thief

The DA were asked to withdraw a statement, calling el presidente a thief… unfortunately, Baleka Mbete doesn’t know the difference between a question and an answer, so the word thief was also barred.

Maimane the drug dealer The ANC seems to think that the DA are drug dealers… which was also barred, but with les fervour from the ANC-allied Mbete. ANC cabinet protecting themselves So, according to the constitution, if a vote of no confidence is passed, the president and his entire cabinet has to step down… meaning that all his ministers and deputies in parliament would lose their jobs. Opposition parties – rightly so – brought this up, suggestion that, constitutionally speaking, MPs who directly benefit from Zuma being president should not vote. The ANC-allied Mbete obviously opposed this, as did every other ANC member who stood to lose their jobs.

Secret Ballot

Now, one thing you need to know is that for a while now, the ANC has vehemently opposed the adoption of a secret ballot system in parly. Why? Well, at the moment they can see which of their members vote where, so they can keep them in check.

Secret ballots don’t bode well for the ANC, as their MPs will then be able to vote with their consciences, instead of along party lines.

In the end, twice as many no votes kept Zuma safe as the ANC steamrolled over all other opposition parties.

The DA might not have got Zuma fired, but they’ve certainly lit the flames of doubt… and that’ll prove much more dangerous in the long term.