The true value of Top Gear: Fo

The true value of Top Gear: Four Facts you didn’t know about one of the world’s favourite shows

So Jeremy Clarkson is still suspended for allegedly throwing a punch at a producer and the BBC is stuck in a bit of a pickle…

The true value of Top Gear: Fo

Top Gear is one of the world’s favourite shows and has been for decades. Since its start way back in 1977 it has become the world’s highest ranking factual TV show; and it’s perfect mix of humour, ridiculousness and actual advice has captured audiences worldwide.

Here are a few facts you might not have known about the show, and that might help you understand why the suspension is such a dilemma.
• Top Gear has 350 million viewers worldwide
• The show is broadcast in 212 territories across the globe
• More than 40% of Top Gear’s viewers are women
• The show has been translated into eight languages worldwide; Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Farsi, Polish and Hungarian

Now, while Clarkson may or may not have been in the wrong, one thing’s for sure. The BBC will definitely feel a pinch if Top Gear is scrapped, and without Jeremy Clarkson there’s no Top Gear.