‘The DA are allowing Zille to

‘The DA are allowing Zille to become the Zuma of their party’ Malema

Malema is not happy.

‘The DA are allowing Zille to

The EFF held a press conference at the start of Thursday afternoon. Malema spent most of the conference explaining his new allegations against Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba and Transnet. Malema distributed a document that made claims of corruption at Transnet that amounts up to R10 billion.

Towards the end of the conference, Malema was asked his thoughts on the DA’s handling of the Helen Zille situation. Malema went on to issue a strong warning for the DA.

The EFF Commander-in-chief accused the DA of being arrogant in terms of coalition politics, he accused the party of being too forward and not taking the advice of their coalition partners or treating them as equals.

“Many times we said to them [DA] withdraw the motion of no confidence against Zuma, let’s go and take a secret ballot in court we will come back, they refused!”

“Only now, they are doing it! You know why they are doing it now because they depend on our votes in other municipalities, they don’t want to offend us.”

Malema then went on to say that the arrogance of the DA can be seen in Helen Zille. He expanded on the DA’s Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, saying that if the DA removed the UDM from the coalition, then the EFF would, in turn, remove them.

“If they don’t change this attitude they are displaying of white arrogance…. They must be rest assured we will not vote with them! We’re not saying the UDM is right, we’re not saying Trollip is right. We are saying respect the internal processes of the coalition, stop being arrogant.”

Malema assured the public that the DA will fail to remove the ANC in 2019 if they “carry on like this as well as keep allowing Helen Zille to become Zuma of DA”.

“To allow her [Zille’s] party that she loves so much to deteriorate in her name, then she is not different from Jacob Zuma and she is compromising the 2019 project of removing the ANC”

Somewhat surprisingly though, Malema had a few words of praise for DA leader Mmusi Maimane. Malema said he believes that Maimane’s status in the DA is constantly affected by whites like Zille in the party undermining him. The EFF leader also accused Helen Zille of allowing her ego to undermine the most important project for the country: The act of removing the corrupt government from power.

“They [DA] must be warned you will remain with Western Cape with Johannesburg, Tshwane and PE gone! Because we are not going to associate with a party that protects colonialism and apartheid. We are not going to vote with a party that loves individuals more than South Africans… the same thing we demand from the ANC, we must demand from each other.”

One thing is certain if we do get into coalition politics in 2019, the EFF will be the kingmakers.