tembisa 10 SANEF outraged by lack of journalistic ethics in the Thembise decuplet reporting

Photo: Piet Rampedi / Twitter

Tembisa 10 update: Piet Rampedi ‘investigating’ own story on decuplets

After writing one of SA’s most eye-catching exclusives in recent times, Piet Rampedi is now asking questions about his own work on the ‘Tembisa 10’ story.

tembisa 10 SANEF outraged by lack of journalistic ethics in the Thembise decuplet reporting

Photo: Piet Rampedi / Twitter

Piet Rampedi, the man who brought us an alleged world-breaking exclusive last week regarding the ‘Tembisa 10’, has announced that certain factors of his story are now under investigation. It marks the latest twist in a saga that has both entertained and infuriated South Africans, who are still unsure if a local mom really did give birth to decuplets.

Piet Rampedi speaks out on ‘decuplets drama’

Gosiame Sithole is the alleged ‘miracle mother’, but there has been no sign of her 10 new arrivals since last Monday. This, despite several government entities confirming their knowledge of the birth, only to be contradicted by other officials. The entire scenario has played out like a Hollywood movie – and we may be reaching the final act.

Earlier today, two hospital chiefs denied that Sithole was in their care – despite the 37-year-old claiming to have been admitted to both facilities. MediClinin officials have also stated they are unaware of Mrs. Sithole visiting their clinics at any time. The story that has been presented by the family is, as it stands, falling apart at the seams.

Tembisa 10: Latest news, updates, and developments

Last week, a bullish Piet Rampedi laughed at government officials who could not trace the decuplets – but now the reporter is blighted by a similar issue. His confidence in the piece has been firmly shaken:

“Our sensitive probe into the Tembisa 10 story is ongoing. It shifted from a feel-good story into a full investigation into the whereabouts of babies, where Sithole gave birth, what transpired during & after delivery, why was the family denied access to babies, and who played what role. I will continue not to grant media interviews.”

“I am appealing to the public to afford us space and time to focus on this important, sensitive and critical investigation. Out of respect for the Tsotetsi family’s privacy and culture, I would not pressure them to share any pictures. I am not a Tsotetsi family spokesperson. I was asked if i could speak for them, But I explained it would be a conflict of interest.”