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Rape Case Latest: WC child killer gets three life terms in jail

Known to his 12-year old victim and her family, Steven Fortune confessed that he had lured her out of her yard before raping and killing her.

rape raping

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Child rapist and murderer Steven Fortune has been sentenced to three life terms and seven years imprisonment for the murder, rape and kidnapping of Michaela Williams.

National Prosecuting Regional spokesperson, Eric Ntabazalila, said the court had ordered that the sentences run concurrently and that Fortune’s name be entered into the National Register of Sex Offenders. 

“The court further ordered that the judgment in the case be forwarded to the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services and that all court document evidence be served on the head of prison where he will be detained to serve his life sentence. The court also declared him as unfit to possess a firearm,” Ntabazalila said.

Ntabazalila said that the successful prosecution and heavy sentence had emanated from the meticulous work of Advocate Nadia Ajam who prosecuted the case. 

Fortune kidnapped 12-year-old Williams on the evening of 07 January 2020 in New Horizon, Pelican Park. 

“The tiny girl went to play outside after she finished her supper. At approximately 19h30, the mother started searching for her child as she was not outside the house or in the courtyard where she usually played. The mother sought the help of the police and reported the girl as a missing child that same evening,” he said.

 “She was unaware that Fortune, who was known to the family and to the child, had already lured her daughter out of the yard to a secluded plot a few kilometres from her home. He strangled her with his hand but she fought back knocking his glasses off his face,” he said.

“He overpowered her, ripped off her vest and used the torn fabric to bind her wrists behind her back. He then raped her. When she tried to scream, he used her skirt as a cord to strangle her. He then threw two concrete blocks onto her head, covered her body with a blanket and left.”

 The search for Williams intensified the following day and police sought Fortune for questioning. On the evening of 08 January 2020, he sent a message to his family, indicating that he wanted the police to fetch him at a specific location. He made a statement and pointed out Williams’ body.

 “The NPA welcomes the sentence and the organisation further commits itself in the fight against gender-based violence and femicide,” he said.