Kannaland Municipality drowning

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Sunset Beach: Teen missing after being swept by rip currents

The 18-year-old and three other friends (who were rescued) experienced difficulty while in the surf at Sunset Beach on Sunday.

Kannaland Municipality drowning

Image source: Flickr

A search is on for a teenager who went missing after he and three others were swept away by rip currents in Sunset Beach, Milnerton on Sunday. 

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) said minutes before the 4 boys got into difficulty 2 unidentified male bystanders rescued a female who had been caught in the same rip current. 


Terence Lawson from the NSRI said on arrival on the scene it was determined that 4 males, aged in their late teens, were in difficulty in the surf. 

“One was rescued by 2 bystanders, a husband and wife, from Mauritius, using an NSRI pink rescue buoy. 

“An additional bystander had launched into the water with a body board to go to the aid of 2 of the teenagers, while the Mauritian man also returned into the water, with the pink rescue buoy, and 2 of teenagers were rescued to the shore. One teenager, aged 18, from Mandalay, Cape Town, was missing in the surf.”


The 3 casualties, who were now safe on the shore, were assessed by paramedics and they were not injured and required no medical care.


NSRI said despite an extensive search there remains no sign of the missing teenager.

“Police divers attended at the scene and are continuing in an ongoing search. Thoughts are with the family of the missing teenager in this difficult time.”

Lawson also said that it was determined that only minutes before the four boys got into difficulty that two unidentified male bystanders rescued a female who had been caught in the same rip current. She was rescued to the shore and before her cousin could warn the 4 male teenagers of the strong rip current they were swept away.

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