Gupta arrests

Ajay and Atul Gupta. Photo: Flickr / Damanpreet Singh

Guptas wanted Dlamini-Zuma presidency ‘to help win legal case’ – witness

Suzanne Daniels has spilled the beans on Tuesday, claiming that the Guptas had openly stated a Dlamini-Zuma win at Nasrec ‘would have helped them’.

Gupta arrests

Ajay and Atul Gupta. Photo: Flickr / Damanpreet Singh

Former Company Secretary at Eskom, Suzanne Daniels, has shared with the State Capture Inquiry her intimate knowledge of the power and influence the Guptas once held over SA. Allegedly, Daniels was privy to some jaw-dropping exchanges between the billionaires and the company they kept – and she learned of their preference for Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

Suzanne Daniels at the State Capture Inquiry

It was a day for bombshells and revelations at the Zondo Commission on Tuesday. Daniels explained how the Guptas were desperate to keep their favourites at the helm of Eskom, revealing the extreme measures they were willing to go to. The brothers weren’t the only ones acting in a questionable manner, either…

  • Ex-minister Lynne Brown told Eskom to suspend contracts with media giants M&G, City Press, and The Sunday Times.
  • Daniels met known-Gupta fixer Salim Essa in 2015. She says the meeting was arranged by former Eskom executive, Matshela Koko.
  • At this meeting, she says Essa told her that Eskom executives would be suspended – exhibiting the Guptas’ influence.
  • Daniels says Essa offered her R800m, to help get Matshela Koko reinstated. She says she refused and drove off.
  • Allegedly, Essa also asked her to explain to Ajay Gupta what was happening with Brian Molefe’s court case – with shocking results…

Guptas allegedly ‘certain’ that Dlamini-Zuma would help them

Daniels went on to describe an extraordinary meeting – also attended by Duduzane Zuma – that discussed how the Guptas could continue to keep control of Eskom as the alarm bells of corruption started ringing.

It is claimed that Ajay Gupta said Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma ‘could get Brian Molefe his full R30m pension payout‘ – if she won the 2017 ANC leadership contest. This was a legal case that the brothers were determined to win.

“Ajay Gupta went to say that the matter would be easily dealt with if Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma came into power. From that day, I never questioned the kind of power the Guptas had. Ajay Gupta was just sitting there like he owns the country.

“I would say, at one point, I even feared for my life. Whatever skepticism I had about the Gupta family, the influence on the country issues, you know, this [the reaction to the Brian Molefe case] was it. He said we’d ‘need to find someone in the DJP’s office’ to move this case out.”