Guptas extradition

Local prosecuting authorities are pushing for the Guptas extradition. Image: File/Fotor

South African government pushing for Guptas extradition in 2024

State prosecuting authorities and the presidency want to resolve an ‘impasse’ with UAE over the Guptas extradition. Here’s more …

Guptas extradition

Local prosecuting authorities are pushing for the Guptas extradition. Image: File/Fotor

In a cut-and-shut case that’s been dragging for nearly three years, South African authorities still await the Guptas’ extradition from the UAE. Now, Daily Investor reports that the South African state prosecuting authority and the presidency have travelled to the United Arab Emirates to help resolve the ‘impasse’.

Atul and Rajesh Gupta are wanted on money laundering and fraud charges in South Africa, for their role in alleged state capture with former President Jacob Zuma. Local authorities argue the Gulf nation has not shown a ‘willingness’ to facilitate the Guptas extradition. After fleeing South Africa on a private jet, the brothers were arrested in the UAE back in June 2022, following their inclusion on an Interpol most-wanted list.


For years the Guptas allegedly siphoned funds out of South Africa under the watch of former President Jacob Zuma. Image: AllAfrica

Therefore, Deputy President Paul Mashatile and Justice Minister Ronald Lamola will head to the UAE this week, confirms National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) Advocate Shamila Batohi. The move hopes to show the authority can still prosecute the brothers for alleged state capture. Even though the dragging of the case for nearly three years has undoubtedly dented public confidence in the organisation.

As a reminder, the Guptas are alleged to have siphoned money from South Africa’s state transport, power and arms companies. They are even said to have had input in cabinet member appointments. However, in 2023, a UAE court denied South Africa’s plea for the Guptas extradition and their arrest warrants were recinded.


The Guptas have been holed up in a multi-million dollar mansion in Dubai since they fled South Africa. Image: File/Kevin Sutherland/Fotor

The office of presidency became involved after Batohi’s initial request to meet with UAE authorities was snubbed. It’s clear that unless there’s political pressure, the Guptas extradition will not go ahead, said the NDPP chief. “Ultimately, it’s a technical process that depends on political will,” said Batohi.

Authorities estimate state capture cost the country as much as R613 billion during Zuma’s tenure. The NDPP hopes the delegation will return with a firm commitment that the UAE will support South Africa in its quest for the Guptas extradition.

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