south african couple arrested uae

South African arrested in the United Arab Emirates because his fiancée is pregnant

The couple have not been charged yet.

south african couple arrested uae

Emlyn Culverwell and his fiancée Iryna Nohai were arrested in the United Arab Emirates in January because Iryna is pregnant. His fiancee is originally from the Ukraine.

According to The Department of International Relations and Co-operation, nothing can be done about the situation, News24 reported.

According to reports they were arrested in Abu Dhabi on January 29 on a charge of having sex before marriage, an offence in the UAE.

The couple got engaged just two days before their arrest, according to Netwerk24. Iryna had stomach cramps and was taken to a doctor who discovered that she was expecting and subsequently reported the couple to the authorities.

They were apparently detained when they could not provide a marriage certificate. The couple have apparently not been charged because authorities are still investigating the paternity of the child and “how long the couple was sexually active”.

Emlyn has been working in the UAE for the last five years and has been with his now-finance since 2014.

South Africa’s foreign ministry said that it cannot help the couple because it is an issue with domestic UAE law, according to News24, and have suggested they seek legal help.

Legal representation for Culverwell and Nohai could cost up to R118 000 South African per person, Times Live reported.

Culverwell’s mother, Linda told News24 that all the couple did wrong was “fall in love”.