Another SOE bites the dust aft

Another SOE bites the dust after minister dissolves Prasa board, that’s two for two

First the SABC and now Prasa… our SOEs aren’t doing all that well.

Another SOE bites the dust aft

More than a year of gross mismanagement and corruption — with billions lost to dodgy tenders and crooked politicians —  has brought the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) to breaking point and transport minister Dipuo Peters has had enough.

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Peters on Wednesday announced the dissolution of the Prasa board and said an interim one would be appointed soon.

On Tuesday parliament approved the dissolution of the board of another state owned enterprise (SOE), the SABC, and announced the interim board meant to salvage what is left of the national broadcaster on Wednesday.

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Two SOE boards fired in two days… that’s got to be a record.