Travel ban South Africa UK red list

[FILE] UK’s updated entry requirements does nothing to promote travel to South Africa. Image: Daniel Leal-Olivas / AFP

South Africa travel ban backlash: US bans South Africa, Belgium hypocrisy

Traven bans again eh?
First it was the UK, then Europe. Now its the US. South Africans are tired of the hypocrisy.

Travel ban South Africa UK red list

[FILE] UK’s updated entry requirements does nothing to promote travel to South Africa. Image: Daniel Leal-Olivas / AFP

South Africans are absolutely furious right now. Whether it’s your friends or family that you now STILL won’t be able to see, or if it’s a holiday being cancelled. The brilliance of South African scientists and our ability to study virus mutations, is coming with a lot of cons. In short, we are all paying the price for identifying the new Omicron B.1.1.529 variant. The western world has closed its borders and left many South Africans stranded or scrambling without any help.

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The ever growing South African travel ban

” I have determined that it is in the interests of the United States to take action to suspend and restrict the entry into the United States, as immigrants and nonimmigrants, of noncitizens of the United States who were physically present within the Republic of Botswana, the Kingdom of Eswatini, the Kingdom of Lesotho, the Republic of Malawi, the Republic of Mozambique, the Republic of Namibia, the Republic of South Africa, and the Republic of Zimbabwe during the 14-day period preceding their entry or attempted entry into the United States.

US President Joe Biden

The problem with the US’ decision though? Belgium has also identified a case of the Omicron variant. The man was unvaccinated and had absolutely no links to South Africa. In fact, he had travelled through Egypt.

The EU, UAE, US and UK have now all stopped flights from SA. Evan Mauritius has pulled out. Hundreds of South Africans were left stranded at the airport in Amsterdam. Dutch authorities say there are around 80 positive cases on those two flights.

Belgium has not been placed on any travel bans or restrictions.

Mzansi voices its frustration

So the hypocrisy of all these South Africa travel bans is angering just about every South African.

It started with jokes

People are not happy with US President Joe Biden either. Biden’s decision to ban 8 African countries is being described on the continent as disgusting. In fact, Health Minister Joe Phaahla revealed that that is exactly how even the World Health Organization had described the South Africa travel ban.

““We’ve seen in the past, the minute there’s any kind of mention of any kind of variation and everyone is closing borders and restricting travel. It’s really important that we remain open, and stay focused.”

WHO Head of Emergencies – Dr Michael Ryan

In the US and Europe though? Its described as a cautious approach.

So what has our own government had to say?

The Department of International Relations has revealed that it is engaging countries that have issued travel bans. Dirco Minister Naledi Pandor says she hopes she can get several countries to reconsider their South Africa travel ban.