vaccines over 50s western cape

Photo: GCIS / Flickr

Western Cape pushing to open vaccine bookings ‘for over 50s’

Could we soon see the next phase of the vaccine rollout open up to over 50s? Alan Winde is leading the charge in the Western Cape.

vaccines over 50s western cape

Photo: GCIS / Flickr

Premier of the Western Cape, Alan Winde, has encouraged the national government to accelerate the vaccine rollout. The regional leader believes it is time to open the booking process up to those aged 50 and over.

When will over 50s be able to book a vaccine?

Phase 1 of the vaccine rollout has so far managed to get almost two million people vaccinated. Much more work needs to be done, but jabs have been going into arms at a faster rate in the last few weeks. During his lockdown address on Tuesday evening, Cyril Ramaphosa revealed that infections have dropped by 90% in healthworkers.

Given that they were the first group to receive the vaccine, this serves as conclusive proof that the inoculations DO work. Winde is hoping to ride the crest of this wave to encourage any reluctant seniors to get themselves immunised, if they haven’t already signed up for it. However, the DA representative wants to bring more citizens into the mix.

‘We need a seamless transition’ – Western Cape Premier

During a digital conference on Thursday, Winde stated that the Health Department should be more proactive, allowing people in a younger age bracket to get vaccinated as well. Despite the threat of supply constraints between now and July, he believes that vaccine uptake in the Western Cape should put them on course ‘for the next step’.

“I am worried we are leaving registration to the last minute, and we should rather be getting as many people registered now so that we can have a seamless change to the next phase – without any delays… the Western Cape has exceeded 50% of all eligible residents in this age group, but we need to get close to 70% if we are to get herd immunity.”

“There is no reason why [the vaccination of over 50s] shouldn’t happen already, while vaccinations of those over 60 continue. I am pleased to see that vaccines are protecting our healthcare workers from severe COVID-19 illness and death, and enabling our health system to remain strong. We’ve vaccinated close to two-thirds of all healthcare workers.”