So, there is a “mineral water

So, there is a “mineral water manufacturer” on one of Cape Town’s biggest water guzzling streets

Bottled at source?

So, there is a “mineral water

Yesterday, the City of Cape Town named and shamed some of the biggest water wasters. Hardly surprising, rich peeps with big pools and big yards in places like Bishop’s Court, Constantia and Fresnaye guzzled the most water, but there were a few interesting addresses on the list, too.

Like most curious cats, you probably took a Google Street View walk through a few of the streets to see what the hell is going on.

One road that stood out was Goldsmith Road in Salt River. Now, if you know anything about Cape Town, you’ll know that Salt River is very much a salt-of-the-earth kind of place. Houses are mostly small, semi-detached, weaved into an industrial area.

Seeing a Salt River road listed at number 87 on the list with a consumption of 166 000 litres was a bit odd. So, let’s take a Google Street View walk, shall we?

What’s that on the corner? It’s a mineral water manufacturer!

Now, Google Street View can be a bit dated, so we’re not going to jump to any conclusions here. But if you virtually walk down the rest of the street it all looks a bit… odd.

The Marshall Bros website does not list Salt River as an official premises under “address” but the “about us” does state that it ‘saw an expansion to a larger premises in Salt River in the 1930s.

Having a look on the website, it seems the company sells more soft drinks rather than bottled water.

But hey, let’s not kid ourselves… even if the did “bottle water” they probably wouldn’t be the only ones who bottle water from an unnamed source.

Here’s the important lesson from this little walk, though. While the listing of roads where users guzzle up epic amounts of water is a good way of providing some context to where the water is being wasted, some of the listed places might have mitigating circumstances that lead to such massive consumptions.

There could be farms (most probably the case in Philippi), factories (as is probably the case here) and a whole host of other things that contribute towards high water consumption.

Unless you are in Bishop’s Court, Constantia or Fresnaye. Then you probably just need to be lekker and stop filling your pool.