armed robbery man airlifted Netcare 911

SHOOTING Germiston: Officer worker injured during robbery

The man had to be airlifted to hospital to receive specialist medical care after he was shot during the armed robbery on Tuesday.

armed robbery man airlifted Netcare 911

A man is in a serious condition after he was seriously injured in a shooting at a business premises in Germiston on Tuesday morning. 

Netcare 911 spokesperson Shawn Herbst  said that the shooting victim had to be urgently airlifted from the scene of the armed robbery after he was shot in the abdomen.

Herbst said that the man, an office worker, was shot at the business premises in Meadowdale just after 9.30 am. Paramedics had responded to the scene of the shooting where they found the injured man at around 9.42am.

“Reports indicate that an adult male office worker sustained a single gunshot wound to his abdomen following a robbery,” Herbst said.

“On arrival of paramedics, the patient was found to have sustained serious injuries with severe blood loss and was rapidly deteriorating. The man, who was approximately 40-years-old was treated on scene by Netcare 911 Emergency Care Practitioners,” Herbst said.

“Due to the nature of the man’s injuries a Netcare 911 helicopter ambulance was activated to airlift him to a specialist medical facility,” he added.

“Circumstances leading up to the shooting will be investigated by the relevant authorities.”

The latest armed robber follows incidents of looting in Germiston and theft targeting the local SPCA.