KZN false rape

Photo: SAPS

Gauteng serial rapist gets his sentence extended by nearly 200 years

Lock him up and throw away the key. This serial rapist will now face even longer behind bars. That’s after DNA linked him to more rapes.

KZN false rape

Photo: SAPS

It’s long been said that the wheels of justice turn far too slowly. And unfortunately in most rape cases, it seems they don’t even turn at all. The case of serial rapist Johannes Nokeri is a good example of where justice is served well. Despite being behind bards already, Nokeri has now had his sentence SIGNIFICANTLY extended.

Serial rapist: Lock up and throw away the key?

28-year-old Johannes Nokeri was originally serving 10 years for two rapes. He has now been convicted of a total of 18 counts of rape. That’s all thanks to new DNA evidence that linked him to the cases.

He has also been found guilty of 23 counts of robbery. All of these crimes took place in a horrific reign of terror from 2012 to 2016 in Hammanskraal.

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He was arrested in July 2016 after dodging police for four years. At the time, he had committed two rapes the day before and was in possession of a stolen car.

Fast forward to 2022. Nokeri sat in the Tembisa Regional Court this week and was hit with a sentence of five life terms and 191 years.

While reading out the sentence, Judge Shane Kgoele found that Nokeri had shown no remorse for his crimes. The serial rapist targeted his victims as the women were walking home from taverns at night.

The judge also revealed that one of Nokeri’s victims was 5 months pregnant when she was repeatedly raped by him.

Johannes Nokeri has already applied for leave to appeal his fresh sentencing.

*If you are a rape victim or know one in need of support. Counselling and all kinds of help can be accessed through the Rape Crisis organisation.

Contact their 24-hour helpline. 021 447 976