Senzo Meyiwa trial

Meyiwa’s brother accuses investigator of lying about the involvement of singer Kelly Khumalo.Images-Flickr/X@LLunga18

Senzo Meyiwa trial:Constable and Lawyer lock horns in heated clash

Advocate Mnisi challenged Zungu’s claim that he had a gathering with the accused at the hostel. Zungu says he would not simply go to court and lie.

Senzo Meyiwa trial

Meyiwa’s brother accuses investigator of lying about the involvement of singer Kelly Khumalo.Images-Flickr/X@LLunga18

In the Pretoria High Court, Constable Sizwe Zungu, who claims to have been with the five men accused of killing Senzo Meyiwa on the day the former Bafana Bafana captain was murdered, underwent cross-examination.

Constable Zungu states that he visited a hostel in Vosloorus to see his nephew. During this visit, he asserts that he encountered the accused individuals and shared alcoholic beverages with them. This occurred on 26 October 2014, while he was visiting his brother’s son, Gwabini Zungu.

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Senzo Meyiwa Trial: Constable and lawyer clash during cross-examination

On Monday, advocate Charles Mnisi, representing Mncube, challenged Zungu’s claim that he had a social gathering with the five men at the hostel.

Mnisi stated, ‘I’ve been instructed to inform you that your account of a festive event at the hostel, involving accused number three, is simply untrue. It’s baseless. It didn’t happen, or let me clarify, [Mncube] was not present,’ according to The Citizen.

Zungu maintained that he shared a meal and consumed alcohol with the accused.

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He responded, ‘They were present themselves. As shown in this photograph, it’s evidence that I was there,’ the witness added

The cop claims to not be certain of the car used on the day

Mnisi confronted Zungu, who had been visiting his nephew at the hostel, challenging his assertion about a red Fiat Uno being used to go to the liquor store.

The advocate stated, “Are you now admitting that the car you’ve consistently referred to as an Uno was not actually an Uno?”

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Zungu responded, “Whether it was an Uno or a Polo, I didn’t examine it closely, but the vehicle in the picture is a smaller red one, which we used.”

Mnisi persisted, questioning Zungu about the car model he had described. “According to your testimony, you drove from the hostel to [Spar] Tops. Photos were taken in your presence, and now you’re uncertain if it was an Uno.”

Zungu acknowledged that the car could have been a VW Polo but emphasised that the incident occurred a long time ago.

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The accused returned in a state of shock on the night of the murder

Zungu also concurred with Mnisi’s assertion that the accused could be connected to Meyiwa’s murder because they were present at the hostel that day.

Previously, the witness had stated that Sibiya, Ntanzi, and Mncube had left the hostel and returned later in the evening, appearing “shocked.” He mentioned that Sibiya and Mncube had firearms.

Mnisi questioned, “Is it accurate to say that your testimony is based solely on suspicion and speculation due to the unusual way you witnessed accused number one, two, and three entering Mr. Gwabini’s room?”

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Zungu replied, “Yes, my suspicions are based on that.”

The lawyer also noted that Mncube denied ever meeting Zungu and accused him of telling “pure lies” in court.

Zungu responded, “At my age, would I simply decide to come to court and lie?”

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Later, Zungu admitted he didn’t know who or how Meyiwa was killed.

A recess was taken for examination of pictures discovered

The Bafana Bafana captain got shot at his girlfriend, singer Kelly Khumalo’s, house in Vosloorus on the East Rand.When the Meyiwa trial was postponed last month, the court took a two-week break.

During this period, the defense consented to examine 784 photos discovered on the third accused, Mthobisi Mncube’s phone.

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These pictures are ones the State has used to connect the accused, placing them in Vosloorus on the day Meyiwa was killed.