Sechaba Pali cries as he speaks about his downfall. Image via Facebook: Sechaba Pali.

‘They killed me’: Sechaba Pali cries as he talks about his downfall

Gospel legend Sechaba Pali struggled to hold back tears as he poured his heart out about how his record label allegedly ‘destroyed’ his career


Sechaba Pali cries as he speaks about his downfall. Image via Facebook: Sechaba Pali.

Multi-award-winning gospel legend Sechaba Pali shed tears as he poured his heart out about how his record label allegedly ‘destroyed’ his career. The muso was reflecting on his turbulent music career and his woes with his former record label. Over the years, we have heard many stories from our favorite celebs opening up about being exploited because of the people at the top who do not want to share the pie.

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Sechaba rose to superstardom after he was part of the award-winning gospel choir Joyous Celebration in 2003 and he did not look back. He then went solo and produced chart-topping songs including Alikho iThemba, Sechaba, and Hanthe Jeso.

It is no secret that the musician has had a tumultuous career in the limelight. There has been a fair amount of publicity in the tabloids concerning his controversial lifestyle, including his drug and alcohol addictions, and his disputes with his record label and event organizers.

The musician recently had an in-depth interview with SABC News producer Tshegofatso Magolego where he poured his heart out about his struggles, faith, and his bid to reclaim his throne following a 5-year break from the music scene. He revealed that his downfall was caused by signing a contract with music producer Tshepo Nzimande without reading it.

According to Sechaba, his debts were always piling up, and he felt he owed the record label money. He said this caused a rift between him and the stable.

“The problem started when I found out that I was getting a small payment from my royalty payments. I was wondering what was going on because even at Joyous Celebration it was better. It was as if I was repaying the rent money the company had given me, it became a norm and I could not afford to give my mom money and support my kids. It ended up creating anger that I did not want at the time and when I started getting used to the likes of Lundi Tyamara and Sfiso Ncwane that’s when I asked them about what was happening and they asked me if I did check my contract before signing it. I had to go back and find the contract and I found out that they were giving me 10% when I asked from what percentage that is when the fight started,” he stated.

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He struggled to hold back tears as he talked about losing family members and not being able to bury his father because he was broke. According to him, this affected his mental health and he needed to see a psychologist.

“This question is hard, it is painful to lose your family, kids, and father and you cannot even bury him but people are saying he is a celebrity how can he not bury his father? I think I need to see a psychologist because even now, I do not know what I am doing. This thing was a calling and how does it become something that destroys me? They killed me, they destroyed me, but there is one thing that I know, God has something that he is planning for me and I know I will be fine,” he said while weeping.

Undoubtedly, Sechaba has not had it easy in the limelight, but he is promising a major comeback soon.

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