SASSA: All the ways to contact

SASSA: All the ways to contact SASSA!

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) administrates and pays social grants. But here are all the ways to contact SASSA next.

SASSA: All the ways to contact

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) is the country’s government agency responsible for issuing and paying social grants.

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Among others, the social security provider pays out the R350-SRD Grant, the Child Care Grant, and the Old Age (Pensioners’) Grant.

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But what if you have questions about social grants, or want to apply for yours?

Here’s a look at all the ways to contact the South African social security agency for your query, whether you’d like to email, phone, or go into an office for your answered questions.

SASSA National Contact Number

The first number to call is the SASSA National Call Centre.

Reach this number at +27 80 060 1011.

If you have questions about social grants, payment dates, SASSA cards, or office locations; call this number. Questions and complaints can also be submitted here, or the main office can refer you to the best location for your question.

The number is toll-free.

SASSA Head Office

There’s one more stop for SASSA enquiries.

The head office is located at the Prodinsa Building in Pretoria, and this is their National Office.

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If your query is unanswered through the national number, you can also call this number to reach their switchboard.

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From there, the switchboard can direct you to the right SASSA department for your query.

Call Head Office here: +27 12 400 2322

Regional Social Grant Offices

Regional social grant offices exist for queries that cannot be answered via phone, for social grant payments, and for anything that still requires face-to-face interaction and paperwork.

For some queries, you might be directed to a close regional office.

A list of SASSA regional offices appears on their website.

Enquiries via Email

The social security agency also has an appropriate email address, where you can contact them with any questions or complaints.

Use to send a direct email. Ensure you quote the correct reference number in future messages, if you have been provided with one.