SARS taxpayer deadline tax

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SA taxpayers warned about ‘SARS deadline’ set for this Thursday

Taxpayers have been told that there are two major deadlines coming up in the next few weeks – with one payment method set to expire on Thursday.

SARS taxpayer deadline tax

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The SA Revenue Service (SARS) has moved to remind taxpayers that there are some major tax deadlines to take note of in the coming weeks – with one payment method closing to submissions as early as Thursday 22 October.

What SARS deadline runs out on Thursday?

Those who want to file their tax returns at a SARS branch now only have a few days to do so. It is worth noting that those planning to submit their returns in this manner must first make an appointment to see a branch consultant – this is due to COVID-19 restrictions, which are still applicable across the country:

“Individual taxpayers, who wish to file their personal income tax return at a South African Revenue Service branch, have until Thursday to do so. The South African Revenue Service reminds individual taxpayers, who wish to file their personal income tax return at a SARS branch, that the final day to do so is on Thursday.”

“Taxpayers can book their appointment via the link – – which is on the website – To assist taxpayers who file at branches, SARS has extended its branch operating hours until Thursday. On weekdays, our branches will open from 8:00 – 18:00.”

SA Revenue Service statement on tax deadline

Taxpayers warned about ‘final days for filing’

You can also ask a SARS agent to assist by calling 0800 117 277. Those making in-person returns must carry relevant supporting documents – such as their ID or driving license, proof of residence, or a bank statement not older than three months. Proof of income (such as payslips, IRP5, and tax certificates) are also required. All taxpayers must note:

  • Those who want to make in-person payments at a SARS branch have until 18:00 on Thursday 22 October 2020 to do so.
  • Taxpayers who use the electronic channel (eFiling) have until Monday 16 November 2020 to file personal income tax returns online.
  • Provisional taxpayers, who file electronically via eFiling, have until Friday 29 January 2021.