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SAP Africa have a very “21st-century” way of keeping our water clean

Say hello to the future of water and sanitation.

SAP Africa


Thanks to the brainpower of SAP Africa, an innovate tech strategy could keep the taps flowing and the water supply in pristine condition.

Day zero has long remained Cape Town’s biggest threat. But after a string of rainstorms and low consumption levels, the Mother City is riding the crest of a wave as the day zero picture becomes a little rosier. However, the small victories still haven’t been enough to keep the wolf from the door.

Cape Town is still forecast to have its water reticulation system shutdown in 2019. Every single citizen has to do what it takes to keep the city hydrated. But now, big business is playing its part too. With the drought, comes the threat of disease.

The city is now under a lot of pressure to ensure the health and safety of its citizens. To support its water and sanitation efforts, the City of Cape Town implemented a comprehensive mobile solution for the automation of asset management and field service processes.

SAP Work Manager empowers the City of Cape Town’s workforce with digital tools to more efficiently install, inspect, maintain and repair water and sanitation assets.

The technology enables workers to access, complete and manage their assigned work orders and service requests via their mobile devices.

The mobile application is a key building block of the asset management master plan.  Mobility is enabling the City’s skilled maintenance teams to perform their work more efficiently and effectively and is providing it with near real-time information that is analysed to improve future decision making.

How are SAP Africa making a difference in Cape Town?

The City of Cape Town uses SAP Work Manager mobile applications to help technicians in the following ways:

  • “Maintainers” will receive, execute and manage maintenance work orders through a mobile device, supporting greater team efficiencies.
  • Superintendents will manage the allocation, release and review of teamwork orders.
  • Workers can digitally capture meter readings in-house and in real time.
  • Officials can also manage the capturing of field information by the technician for Disconnection and Reconnection works orders.

Climate change is an increasing threat to South Africa. It’s a very modern problem, requiring very modern solutions. SAP’s efficient, 21st-century methods for Cape Town could well become the blueprint for the rest of the country.