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Madonsela slams SuperSport’s “destined to fail” Ashwin Willemse investigation

The former Public Protector is not happy…

thuli madonsela

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Former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela has taken to Twitter on Wednesday to criticise the Independent Investigation into the Ashwin Willemse incident. While the investigation found “no racism” was involved, Madonsela is not happy.

Ashwin Willemse: It’s definitely not over

On Tuesday, SuperSport looked to put an end to the saga as it publicly announced the findings of the Independent Inquiry.

The investigation was carried out by an Independent Advocate who conducted multiple interviews with Mallet, Botha, the anchor on the day as well the SuperSport Rugby crew.

The report ended up being over 50 pages long but does not contain any testimony from Willemse himself.

On Wednesday, Willemse and his legal team came forward and confirmed that he believes the incident was “rooted in racism”.  The former Springbok explained that he did not contribute to the probe as it “wasn’t the right forum”.

Willemse has now referred the matter to the Equality Court as he believes that SuperSport’s handling of the matter “infringes his human rights and dignity.”

“The issue in question is not only on the day. The parties involved have been at each other for some time and he has raised his concerns with SuperSport and it has not acted on it. And on the day he persisted that these two gentlemen were racist,” Nqobizitha Mlio, Willemse’s lawyer said.

According to Madonsela, the approach chosen by SuperSport to deal with the matter was “destined to fail”.

“I said from the outset that the approach chosen by SuperSportTV was destined to fail as a law and rights approach was never the issue while affirming and managing diversity was. Ashwin Willemse. The search a guilty party guilty of racism was in itself a wrong starting point.”

SuperSport has stressed that Willemse’s contract is still valid and they will be reaching out to him.