Photo: bridgesward from Pixabay

Cape Town housing development site accident. Photo: bridgesward from Pixabay

Salt River Market is under development for social housing units

Eligible candidates need to earn R3 500 and not qualify for a housing bond.

Photo: bridgesward from Pixabay

Cape Town housing development site accident. Photo: bridgesward from Pixabay

The development comes from City’s efforts to build affordable housing units, near public transport and the central business district of Cape Town.

This mixed rezoned development is only for qualifying candidates

The rezoning will provide 723 residential units, which is inclusive of business premises, informal trading opportunities and social housing consisting of 216 units available for qualifying applicants.

“There will be 216 social housing opportunities for qualifying beneficiaries, as well as business premises and informal trading and 119 parking bays. The developer now has a five-year period to act on the rights. This is part of our commitment to redressing, and of enabling our residents to have better access to employment opportunities.”

City Of Cape Town

Who is eligible for these housing units?

The active decision to develop the Salt River Market site is intentional for the City’s attempts in creating well-located land that is affordable, and near the city centre. The application for this rezoning was approved by the Municipal Planning Tribunal, and it permits the construction of buildings up to 38 meters in height.

The eligible candidates will be those who earn between R3 500 and less than R20 000 per month and do not qualify for a bank housing bond.

“The City’s Human Settlements Directorate remains committed to providing hundreds of affordable and social housing opportunities, around the city centre on sites such as at the Salt River Market, Woodstock Hospital, Pine Road, and other areas across the city.”

City of Cape Town

Pine Road social housing project is underway too

The Pine Road social housing project, is awaiting approval for the site development plans. The residents who previously occupied this informal settlement were relocated to Pickwick transitional housing site. This enables the development to be established on the land in Pine Road, which is set to deliver 240 social housing units.

“Currently the directorate is working on the various land use application processes required for the specific sites. Thus, we want to assure residents that we remain committed to providing affordable housing opportunities near the city centre. We are also committed to following due process in so doing.

There is a dire need for housing opportunities that are situated on well-located land, close to employment opportunities and economic nodes. Yet, there are no quick fixes. We remain committed to building integrated communities with different types of residential developments based on a mix of income groups and circumstances. Social housing is but one of the avenues that we are investing in to provide more affordable housing opportunities for our people.”

City of Cape Town

The City has pledged to evaluate City-owned land near the Cape Town CBD, to further determine if some properties can be developed for social housing opportunities.