Gay Transport

Jacques Botha announces Gay Transport shutdown. Photo: Facebook.

SAD: Gay Transport closes down after decades

The effects of Covid lockdown and political unrest culminated to the total shutdown of Gay Transport after almost 60 years

Gay Transport

Jacques Botha announces Gay Transport shutdown. Photo: Facebook.

Almost 60 years in the logistic business, Gay Transport has informed its employees, customers and suppliers about a total shut down.

This long-serving trucking company announced its ceasing of operations and total closure via a statement making rounds.

“We thank you for your patience while we were busy negotiating with the potential buyer. Unfortunately, we could not reach an agreement that suits both parties,” part of the statement read.

“It is with heavy heart and deep regret that I have to inform all stakeholders that we have no other option but to close the company,” said Jacques Botha.

Gay Transport is one of the oldest transport companies in the market that has been serving the transport industry for 57 years.

“Following the current market conditions, the effects of Covid lockdown and political unrest in the country we are not able to keep up with the increase in operational costs,” said Botha.

The trucking industry has been operating on the edge following sporadic unrest that has seen trucks being victims of torching and looting.

The torching of trucks is driven by individuals who demand the trucking companies do away with hiring foreign national drivers and prioritise them first. This issue was brought to the attention of the Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula who convened a meeting with all stakeholders to discuss a way forward regarding the tabled concerns.

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The looting happens when a truck has broken down or is involved in an accident on most occasions.

“I would like to thank all customers, suppliers and employees for their great support, hard work and loyalty over the years,” Botha said.


It is so sad to see when a transporter closes up. I remember in the 90s as a school boy GAY transport had those Renault trucks with the huge cabs. To the owners of GAY transport I hope this isn’t the end of the road for you in transport and sometime in the near future you can start up again,

SA Long distance Truckers admin