sa dishes

These are the best rated SA dishes in Africa. Photo: canva

Delicious dishes: These SA dishes are rated as some of the BEST in Africa

Traditional SA dishes are in a class of their own, and according to recent research, these dishes are considered some of the BEST in Africa.

sa dishes

These are the best rated SA dishes in Africa. Photo: canva

Food, glorious food: SA dishes shine

Many South Africans would certainly agree that if there’s one thing that South Africa has always done well, it’s food! We’ve done it so well, in fact, that some of our traditional SA dishes and beverages have taken spots on the ‘100 Best Rated African Foods & Beverages’ – one even at number FOUR!

The list, researched and created by Taste Atlas – one of the top travel guides to traditional foods around the world – highlights 100 of the best rated and loved dishes in all of Africa.

Here are the 17 SA dishes and beverages that took spots on the list:

91. Hoenderpastei

78. Pampoenkoekies

77. Sosatie

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71. Droëwors

66. Pinotage

Pinotage is proudly South African. Photo: canva

56. Malva Pudding

SA dishes
Heart-warming and delicious. Photo: canva

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53. Boerewors

SA dishes
What’s better than Boerewors on a braai? Photo: canva

51. Bobotie

37. Koeksister 

Golden, syrupy Koeksisters are a treat! Photo: canva

31. Biltong

Quintessential South African snack food. Photo: canva

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29. Rooibos

SA dishes
A proudly South African product, rooibos has become popular throughout the world. Photo: canva

21. Roosterkoek

Sandwich bread like no other. Photo: canva

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20. Potjiekos

18. Bunny Chow

SA dishes
A famous spicy SA dish from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Photo: canva

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10. Blatjang

5. Amarula

4. Braai

SA dishes
Nothing beats a South African braai. Photo: canva