'Podcast and Chill'

Rob Hersov on ‘Podcast and Chill’. Image via YouTube @MacG

Billionaire Rob Hersov announces 2024 election date

Could Rob Hersov really know the election date for the upcoming elections. The billionaire has been linked to funding a few political parties

'Podcast and Chill'

Rob Hersov on ‘Podcast and Chill’. Image via YouTube @MacG

In a viral video on social media, South African billionaire Rob Hersov makes two announcements, one of which came true on Saturday regarding former president Jacob Zuma, the other in the 2024 national election date.


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In his video, Hersov announces that Zuma will be launching a new political party Umkhonto WeSizwe.

On Saturday, the former president told his supporters in Soweto that he can not, in good conscience, vote for the ANC in the upcoming elections. He has also refused to campaign for the party, but will however remain a member of the party.

“This is good news because it will split the ANC and EFF apart. He does not like Cyril (Ramaphosa) and he does not like Julius Malema” says Hersov.

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A quick look at the Independent Electoral Commissions calendar for 2024 shows voter registration dates until Feb, with no other event planned as yet thereafter.

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However, Hersov appears to have possible inside knowledge of when the national elections will take place.

The billionaire businessman has predicted or revealed that the elections will take on 22 May 2024.