road rules south africa

How strict are South African road rules? Image: Canva

SA revealed as the country with the most lenient road rules

A new study has found that South Africa’s road rules are the least strict when compared to 16 other countries. Take a look…

road rules south africa

How strict are South African road rules? Image: Canva

New research from Compare the Market AU has ranked 17 countries based on how strict their road rules are, and according to this ranking, South Africa is the most lenient.

Revealed: Countries with the strictest road rules

Road rules are designed to help keep people safe as they travel around while also ensuring a steady and organised flow of traffic. But not all countries implement such road rules equally.

Research from Compare the Market AU recently analysed six different metrics from 17 countries, including blood alcohol limits, speed limits, mobile phone restrictions and seatbelt requirements, in order to determine which country has the strictest road rules.

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Norway was ranked as the strictest country on the list, with an index score of 7.09 out of 10.

The country has a low blood alcohol limit of 0.02 BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration), lower speed limits on urban streets and rural roads (30km/h for residential areas and 80km/h on country roads), as well as mandatory seatbelt requirements.

France was second on the index (5.94/10), largely thanks to having the strictest rules regarding mobile phones. No driver is allowed to use their mobile phone, even with a hands-free setting.

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Tied in third place were Colombia and Denmark, which both received an index score of 5.84 out of 10.

Colombia’s lower highway speed limit of 100km/h and low blood alcohol limit of 0.02BAC helped offset the fact that seatbelts are required, but not strictly enforced.

In Denmark, drivers can use a mobile phone hands-free, but only if it is using a system built into the car. Having phone holder attachments to take calls hands-free is not allowed, and this saw Denmark rank in the top three for strict road rules.

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SA the most lenient

South Africa placed last on the list, with a score of 3.13 out of 10. This was largely based on having higher speed limits for highways, residential areas and rural roads, despite having low BAC limits.

Also, while seatbelts are mandatory for drivers and passengers, there were more exemptions, such as making regular stops for deliveries or driving a minivan that weighed less than 2.5 tonnes.

The table below shows the data and indexed score for all 17 countries:

road rules
The 17 countries that formed part of the study. Image: Supplied