Read: Outcry over advert for “

Read: Outcry over advert for “nice smelling domestic” at R2 000 a month

Exploitation of the poor is huge in South Africa…

Read: Outcry over advert for “

On the 7th of March a family from the Plumstead area of Cape Town posted a controversial job listing on Gumtree. In the days since, the listing has gone viral, for all the wrong reasons. The advert posted by a “Mrs Allie” is also offering a salary LESS than the required minimum wage for a domestic worker.

The advert has some rather ludicrous demands for a position with that salary….

“You’re required to follow instructions and clean thoroughly and meticulously (the way I want),”

The most intense public outcry though, comes over the following line.

“You are expected to be clean and smell good and bath and change every day (and twice a day if necessary).”

 Ready for the cherries on top? The position is 7 days a week with only 2 Sundays off a month, in an even more shocking move Mrs Allie will keep your passport while you work for her. A light at the end of the tunnel though (extreme sarcasm), if all the work is done the way “Mrs Allie wants” the salary will rise to R2500. The position is live in.

News 24 spoke to Mr Allie about all the attention the ad has been receiving. He says he sees nothing wrong with the job offer and wasn’t aware of the minimum wage details. As for keeping the passport? Mr Allie says it’s about safety.

“You see, what happened before is we had stuff stolen in our home, clothes and stuff, and we needed a guarantee that it won’t happen again.”

Sounds pretty close to modern day slavery if you ask us… This seems to be another case of the poorest of the poor being exploited to the fullest. 7 days a week in one of the most physical jobs you can have, quite frankly this job offer is nothing less than disgusting.