faf de klerk springboks flag

Springbok Faf de Klerk in his underwear.
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What about Faf? Springbok’s undies roped into burning flag debate

Underwear-wearing Springbok Faf de Klerk has caught strays in the debate about the DA’s burning flag advert…

faf de klerk springboks flag

Springbok Faf de Klerk in his underwear.
Images via Twitter:

Springbok Faf de Klerk has found himself caught in the crossfire of the heated debate about a burning South African flag television advert created by the Democratic Alliance (DA).

Over the weekend, the opposition party aired the controversial clip, which has been criticised by President Cyril Ramaphosa, political leaders, and the public.

The popular player is known for wearing the pattern of the flag on a pair of swimwear or underwear, particularly in the celebrations that followed SA’s Rugby World Cup wins in 2019 and 2023.


On social media, the DA’s burning flag TV has garnered mixed reactions from South Africans.

While some have accused the party of desecrating the national flag and its symbolism of freedom and democracy, others have claimed it is a “metaphor” for the current state of the nation.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has harshly condemned the advert, describing it as “treasonous” and “despicable.”

He said: “The flag of our country is a sacred article in the life of our country. It is that flag that unites all of us. It is despicable that a political party can, as it seeks to express itself, go and burn the symbol of our unity, the symbol of our existence as a nation.”

However, many social media users have pointed fingers at Springbok Faf de Klerk and his infamous flag fashion statement.

@FreddyAdam13: “A flag must not be used as undergarments. RSA government didn’t see anything wrong when Siya Kolisi and Faf De Klerk used it in this demeaning fashion”

@Airborne4_Life: “How was there no Outcry when FAF wore a cut-up flag as an UNDERPANTS?

@Oubollie: “And Faf wears an underpants flag.  Phala Phala Ramaphosa and his ANC are a bunch of hypocritical crooks.”

Outspoken musician The Kiffness also waded into the debate, tweeting: “If you really have an issue with flag desecration, then you should take action against Faf for wearing the flag as underpants. 

“Of course, you won’t because that doesn’t suit your agenda.”


Faf de Klerk has made numerous appearances in his SA flag-inspired underwear.

As he did in 2019 while meeting Prince Harry, the pint-sized star pranced around in his undies following the Springboks Rugby World Cup win last year – even greeting guests like Roger Federer and Princess Charlene in them.

A few days later, Faf – wearing his itsy-bitsy bummies – and the rest of the Boks greeted fans at the FNB Stadium.

He’s even worn them in advertisements for Budget Insurance, for whom he is an ambassador.


According to a government directive, there is a strict protocol in place when it comes to the SA national flag.

A few do’s and don’ts include:

The flag must never be allowed to:

  • Touch the ground or floor.
  • Be used as a tablecloth, or draped in front of a platform.
  • Be manufactured or used as underclothes, bath and floor mats or any similar demeaning application.
  • Displayed or flown upside down
  • Be used for any commercial advertising in a manner that will distort or show disrespect to the flag.

The flag must always:

  • Be treated with dignity and respect
  • Positioned on the right, as this is the position of authority