Read: Cape Town gov looking to

Read: Cape Town gov looking to increase parking fees by 69%

Things in Cape Town are about to get even more expensive…

Read: Cape Town gov looking to

Cape Town residents and visitors you better watch out, the city has come up with a plan to label certain “high demand areas.” Guess what, in those areas you will be paying a lot more, that’s if the City gets its way.

Sea Point, Claremont and Tygervalley have all been earmarked.

“The 2016/17 tariffs limited high demand areas (which is linked to higher parking fees) to the Cape Town CBD. However‚ recent surveys and analysis shows that the following other areas must also be classified high demand areas because they have similar or higher levels of parking demand than the CBD: Sea Point‚ Claremont and Tygervalley.”

Even though we all expect public outcry to be MASSIVE, these targeted areas could be facing the ludicrous price increases by the 1st of July. Currently the law requires that the increase be put up for “public comment,” the city though, say the proposed increases are in line with their parking policy.

With Cape Town boasting the renowned MyCiti bus service, the local government are looking to encourage people to utilise public transport.

“The policy states that parking tariffs must support the city’s travel demand management strategy‚ thus‚ the tariffs should motivate residents to rather make use of public transport so that the dependency on private cars can be reduced.” – City of Cape Town Councillor Brett Herron

The Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry has already voiced its extreme disappointment to TIMES LIVE. The chambers stand against the increase will no doubt be helpful, if you really want the increases stopped though, you better make sure you voice your concerns to the city. If not, let’s hope you don’t live or work in one of the new “high demand” areas.