Looting and burning as service

Looting and burning as service delivery protests rock Roodepoort

Media on the scene have also been threatened.

Looting and burning as service

The Princess informal settlement is located near Roodeport, since Wednesday night the local residents have been riled up. Protesting residents claim that they were assaulted by members of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department.

Today the protesters blockaded Main Reef Road with burning tyres, one truck was even set alight. A SAB truck managed to force its way through the blockade by driving straight through the burning tyres while residents tried to bring the truck to a halt.

Minutes later a second and smaller truck was brought to a halt, the driver was led out the vehicle and ordered to open the back of the truck. Once the protesters saw the truck was empty they let the truck move on.

The group then turned on members of the media, threatening to burn media owned vehicles. Times Live reports that protesters banged on their vehicle and demanded a reporters cell phone. Shortly after the small media group left, a fruit and veg truck was looted and set alight. Police and fire personal arrived on the scene to get things under control.

The protesting residents are demanding access to a block of newly built flats.