Randburg structural collapse

Image via: @RobertMulaudzi / Twitter

Randburg structural collapse: Construction worker killed, two others injured

A 30-year-old construction worker lost his life after a concrete slab fell on him. He was working on a home renovation in Randburg.

Randburg structural collapse

Image via: @RobertMulaudzi / Twitter

A structural collapse in Boskruin, Randburg has claimed the life of a male construction worker on Wednesday afternoon 10 February 2021. It has also left two other people injured. 


A spokesperson for the City of Johannesburg Emergency Management Services Robert Mulaudzi took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the dreaded news. 

He explained that a house in the suburbs of Randburg was being renovated, therefore, construction workers were present. He said that in between 14:30 and 15:00, the workers fell from scaffolding and while two of them sustained minor injuries, the third fell into the house and was hit with a concrete slab which sadly resulted in his death. 

The other two were transported to the nearest healthcare facility for further medical care. 

“City of Joburg EMS Urban Search and Rescue Team recovered the body of [a] 30-year-old construction worker who lost his life during a structural collapse incident in Boskruin this afternoon,” he added. 

The South African reached out to Gauteng police for further information on the matter, however, there was no response at the time of publication. 


Apart from the structural collapse in Randburg, the EFF in the Western Cape has come down hard on the City of Cape Town after a sandbank at Borcherds Quarry on the N2 highway in Cape Town collapsed and took the lives of four young boys. 

It said a resident complained about the sandbank back in 2019, however, nothing was done about it and if there was, perhaps the boys’ lives would have been spared. 

“As the EFF Western Cape, we would like to know what did the City of Cape Town do to respond to this alert when it was brought to their attention in 2019? Why did they not fix this hole? As the party, we submit that this is pure negligence on the part of the City of Cape Town and as such we call on the City of Cape Town and Western Cape government to take full responsibility for the death of these young children,” it said. 

Plato responded saying; “To politicise the deaths of four innocent children is absolutely shameful, but sadly a party like the EFF seek only political gain no matter at whose expense. The reality is that local residents illegally mined sand in that area and not only created a major risk for the road infrastructure but clearly an even bigger risk for curious children looking to occupy their afternoon.” 

The office of the mayor also said the N2 at Borcherds Quarry is not a City of Cape Town road.