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SASSA: R500 million to be spent on boosting R350 grant scheme

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) wants an additional R500 million to continue paying the R350 SRD grant.


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SASSA has admitted that in order to continue paying out the R350 SRD monthly grants it needs a cash injection to stretch to March 2022.

SASSA told Parliament on Wednesday 15 September that a R500-million boost will mean the SASSA budget will shoot up to R26.7 billion.


SASSA’s Chief Financial Officer Tsakeriwa Chauke said the social security agency needs R26.7 billion to continue paying grants to South African citizens, where R500 million will be added to the system.

“Speaking before Parliament’s standing committee, Chauke said the R26.7 billion – if approved – would be used to fund the R350 monthly social relief of distress grants until March 2022,” the Citizen reported.


Chauke explained that if the money is made available, SASSA will improve its call centre and operations at South African Post Office branches.

Chauke added that with more funding, money will be used for communications about the SASSA system to the public, as well as some cash to pay the bank charges SASSA needs to complete the millions of monthly transactions.

  • R42 million for call centres
  • R323 million for Post Office outlets
  • R35 million for communication
  • R51 million for bank transactions.

“Of the R26.7 billion set aside, R500 million will be spent on improving Sassa’s systems. Chauke said R42 million will be spent on the call centre,” the Citizen’s report confirmed.

“R323 million would go to the South African Post Office as branches around the country offer an easy and convenient way for beneficiaries to access their grants.

“Therefore, Chauke said most of the funding would go to “over-the-counter services”. Approximately R35 million would go towards communications.

“An additional R51 million has been set aside for bank charges,” the report concluded.