Pregnant foreigners are puttin

Pregnant foreigners are putting too much pressure on South Africa’s hospitals, Gauteng MEC

The death of a Zimbabwean woman’s baby last week has again brought up questions around Gauteng’s dismal public healthcare system, but the MEC blames foreigners for the systems failures.

Pregnant foreigners are puttin

Gauteng’s MEC for health, Qedani Mahlangu last week called on African countries to provide proper healthcare to their own people; as SA’s healthcare system is put under too much pressure by foreigners travelling here for proper healthcare.

According to EWN, Mahlangu said that in many cases, nine out of ten patients are not South African and a big problem for her department is pregnant women travelling to SA to give birth, often in their third trimester.

“I’m not sure why they have to travel to Gauteng, risking travelling long distances.”

“There must be antenatal services provided in their own countries. These women can give birth in those countries.”

This all comes after a woman from Zim was refused service by staff at the Rahima Moosa Mother and Child Hospital in Coronationville, leading to the death of her premature baby.

Surely there are international standards compelling healthcare workers to offer treatment? Blaming foreigners for the department’s shortcomings won’t solve the problem…