Predator Taxi Driver

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Predator taxi driver sentenced to 37 years in prison

The SAPS welcomed a hefty sentence passed by the Mkobola Regional Court in Kwaggafontein on 15 May 2020, where Collen Ndala was sentenced to 37 years imprisonment for various charges including rape.

Predator Taxi Driver

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The trial of Collen Mandla Ndala ended this week with the Mpumalanga taxi driver found guilty of a string of violent sexual crimes.

Ndala was apprehended by police in 2015, and has been in custody since but the grievous nature of his crimes took any notion of leniency from the judge off the table.

Predator taxi driver sentenced

The former taxi driver stood accused of abusing his profession to perpetrate horrendous sexual attacks on vulnerable women and girls.

“He would then offer them a lift, enquire about their destinations and after a short distance, would make an excuse that he needed to pass by his house first to switch on the lights to which his victims would agree,” said South African Police Service Spokesperson Brigadier Leonard Hlathi.

“Ndala would then take a detour, drive to a secluded area and brutally rape his defenceless victims. The incident came to light when two victims aged 15 and 24 respectively, separately reported the matter to the police who immediately opened cases and commenced with investigations,” Hlathi said.

Accused maintained his innocence

The alleged predator taxi driver pleaded not guilty to all the charges claiming that the victims were his girlfriends. Ndala claimed to have had consensual sex with four of the victims but denied touching the 15-year-old girl who was one of the two to report him to police.

Prosecutors were happy with the sentence handed down and opined that prison was the best place for Ndala both for his own good and that of society.

An SAPS statement confirmed that despite set for a long spell in prison, authorities have also barred Ndala from working with children in any capacity and prohibited him from possessing a firearm. His pleas for leniency on account of being a breadwinner and suffering from a chronic illness did not sway the judicary.

“Being sick, as the magistrate indicated, will not make the sentence lesser, because correctional facilities are more advanced and Ndala can attest to that as he received his treatment while being there for the past five years. Therefore the sentence should be befitting to the crimes that Ndala committed, despite his mitigating factors.

“He was also found to be unfit to work with children as stipulated in the Children’s Act and unfit to possess a firearm as stipulated in the Firearms Control Act.” Hlathi said.

The 43-year-old Ndala was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment for intention to cause grievous bodily harm, three years for attempted rape. On a count of kidnapping, he got five years. He received 25 years for rape and two years’ imprisonment on a charge of compelled self-sexual assault.

Commissioner welcomes jail time for predator taxi driver

Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma has welcomed the sentence and indicated that it will serve as a deterrence. 

“I am elated by the sentencing of this accused and i applaud the work done by the team of investigators, the Prosecution team as well as the Judiciary. 

“This is another step towards the realisation of a safe environment for children and women in our society. We believe that the sentence will serve as a deterrent to would-be rapists.

“This sentencing has come at a time whereby two women had just recently been murdered in Nelspruit allegedly by their husbands.

“Once again, this has proven that our call for various role-players to decisively deal with the scourge of Gender-Based-Violence did not fall on deaf ears. We urge men to desist from perpetrating violence against women, “said General Zuma.