Elephants Kruger Poacher

Photo: Unsplash

Poacher ‘trampled to death’ by herd of elephants in the Kruger

This unlucky poacher succumbed to a series of agonising injuries, after allegedly targeting a group of elephants in the Kruger National Park.

Elephants Kruger Poacher

Photo: Unsplash

If you play stupid games, you get stupid prizes: A group of poachers in the Kruger saw one of their accomplices get flattened by elephants over the weekend, following an unsuccessful attempt to steal ivory tusks from the beloved animals.

Elephant poacher ‘trampled to death’ in Kruger National Park

According to a statement released by SANParks, two other suspects survived after they were forced to flee. Quite literally, the hunters became the hunted. One poacher escaped with an eye injury, and another has been arrested by Park Rangers.

“SANParks has reported the death of a suspected poacher in the Kruger National Park (KNP) – and the arrest of one accomplice – which took place on 17 April. The deceased and his accomplices were fleeing from Rangers when they ran into a breeding herd of elephants.”

“Field Rangers were out on a routine patrol at the Phabeni area when they detected incoming spoor and made a follow up in pursuit of the suspects. One of the suspects was arrested following assistance from the Airwing and K9 unit.”

Other accomplices get out alive – but justice looms

However, the poacher who lost his life went out in a very undignified manner. He was ‘badly trampled’, and died at the scene from multiple injuries. After encountering these elephants, it turns out this guy DID NOT have ‘herd immunity’

Executive of the Kruger National Park, Gareth Coleman, congratulated all those involved in the arrests. He hailed the teamwork and dedication of the rangers who serve in South Africa’s largest game reserve – and also confirmed that the search continues for suspect number three.

“The suspect informed the rangers that the group had run into a herd of elephants and was not sure if his accomplice had managed to escape. The Rangers discovered his accomplice badly trampled and who had unfortunately succumbed to his injuries. The third suspect is said to have been injured in the eye but continued to flee.”