Oscar Pistorius Gqeberha

Oscar Pistorius has been moved to a prison in Gqeberha.
Image by Flickr.

Oscar Pistorius parole: Mzansi reacts – “It’s nice to be white in SA”

Oscar Pistorius may be granted parole. South Africans swiftly made their feelings known with comments like “He went to jail just yesterday.”

Oscar Pistorius Gqeberha

Oscar Pistorius has been moved to a prison in Gqeberha.
Image by Flickr.

Mzansi’s social media masses have begun controversial arguments over Oscar Pistorius’ likely parole release. The former star is accused of benefiting from his social status, while some views are on Oscar’s side.


The former Paralympian was sentenced to six years behind bars for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day in 2013. The Supreme Court of Appeal later replaced the jail term to 23 years and five months.

The Department of Correctional Services spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo has since revealed that inmates are eligible for parole after serving a part of their sentence, but the decision to grant Oscar Pistorius parole has not yet been made final.

“I have seen media reports on possible parole placement for Oscar Pistorius. As a department we are not yet there,” he said.

“They [inmates] have to appear before a parole board. A determination is then made about whether they are ready to be sent back into the community or continue to stay in prison serving the remainder of their sentence.”

Nxumalo added that the department is set to hold a key meeting between the former athlete and Reeva Steenkamp’s family.


Meanwhile, the news drew huge controversy on social media. The public feels the famous star is benefiting from preferential treatment over ordinary inmates – while others feel Oscar should be given a break.

Here are some of the comments that received high feedback and popularity:

  • “Oscar Pistorius went to jail just yesterday and is about to get parole” – said @MissDitsela.
  • “The Steenkamp’s are very forgiving and I’m sure they won’t oppose the release of Pistorius. Oscar will have to carry the burden that he killed Reeva with him for the rest of his life. There are no winners in this sad tale – said @karynmaughan.
  • “It was a sad story. Unfortunately, a dead man tells no tales. A woman who was in love was brutally killed. She didn’t know she was in love with death” – @Rita_bat2010211 said.
  • “But Zuma didn’t kill and you were digging his grave bigger, now because it’s a white man you want people to sympathize with him,” @Jaack_Maa said.
  • “The man has paid his dues. It’s only fair that he is treated like any other offender who went through the rehabilitation process and is reintegrated back to the community. His social status shouldn’t deprive him of his human rights. I’m not saying we must forget his crime, – @Afrixion said.

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