Turns out the OR Tambo heist s


Turns out the OR Tambo heist suspect didn’t actually buy a Lambo with his spoils…

If you’re gonna commit a crime, maybe don’t post about your illicitly purchased goods on social media…

Turns out the OR Tambo heist s


UPDATE: Since publication, EWN has revealed that the vehicle was actually bought three years ago and the person on the picture is actually the police investigator who was at the scene on Saturday.

The originally article as published remains below.

There’s hiding in plain sight and then there’s being stupid AF. Two weeks ago, news broke that there’s been a massive heist at OR Tambo, which very much looked like an inside job.

A bunch of arrests have been made and a number of people, including security guards from the airport and a copper. One of the arrests will go straight into the handbook of how not to do crime 101.

You’d think that if you steal that much money, you might lay low for a while… but not these skollies.

According to a report in The Sowetan, the Hawks, the provincial tracking team and crime intelligence in Limpopo worked together to arrest four suspects over the weekend.

What led them to this arrest? Well, the fact that a 39-year old person was in possession of a Lamborghini and an undisclosed amount of money.

The Times reported that the suspect in question was arrested at luxury Blue Valley home after posting pictures of himself and his buddies posing with his R5-million Lamborghini on social media.

There’s a lesson in this for all of us: stop bragging about your stuff on the internet, especially if they weren’t acquired through legal means. It’s not clear if the suspect set their profiles to private – but even if they did, it’s never a good idea to flaunt your belongings.

On the bright side, this is probably not as bad as these crooks who got caught in the act of breaking in.

And a big hurrah for all involved in finding the OR Tamo heist suspects and arresting them. The Times reported that two suspects have already appeared in the Kempton Park Magistrate’’s Court and face armed robbery charges.