or tambo tourists

Photo: Crime Air Network / Twitter

OR Tambo: Tourists robbed after armed gang follows them from the airport

The group had been on the ground in Johannesburg barely an hour before they were robbed, as six criminals followed these tourists from OR Tambo Airport.

or tambo tourists

Photo: Crime Air Network / Twitter

Several independent sources have confirmed that a group of tourists travelling from OR Tambo to Centurion were targeted by armed robbers this weekend, as the criminals followed the lodge guests after they landed at the airport in Johannesburg.

OR Tambo robbery: What we know so far

It’s understood that the travelling party were attacked at the African Pride Irene Country Lodge in Centurion, in north-west Gauteng. Local security outfit Blue Hawk Tactical revealed that the guests were robbed of their cellphones and jewellery after six armed men ambushed them.

Police are set to issue a full statement on the issue later on Monday. What we do know is that the vehicle used for the getaway was a white Toyota Fortuner that has the license plate BS44CJGP. However, further information on these criminals is so far lacking. We have been unable to obtain contact from the hotel, but a criminal investigation is already underway.

Tourists robbed in Centurion

Unfortunately, OR Tambo has become something of a hotbed for these thugs over the past couple of years. Gangs are now identifying travellers who are leaving the airport and following the vehicles to their destinations. Once the unsuspecting victims come to their final resting point, the robbers strike.

In 2017, a group of tourists were forced to hand over R27 000 worth of currency and possessions to a group of thieves, as they made their way from OR Tambo airport to their hotel in Johannesburg. This came just six weeks after a group of 35 Dutch visitors were held at gunpoint by another armed gang.

It’s not just a modus operandi that affects tourists, either. Wealthy business figures and domestic commuters have been subjected to this abhorrent treatment, too. The airport has beefed up its security operations in an attempt to deal with these type of crimes, but sadly, another one has managed to slip through the net.