Patricia De Lille vs John Steenhuisen

Cape Town’s Mayor Patricia de Lille participates in the press conference “Women4Climate”

“Only half of Cape Town is bothering to save water” – Patricia de Lille

Some people are only going to wake up when the taps run dry

Patricia De Lille vs John Steenhuisen

Cape Town’s Mayor Patricia de Lille participates in the press conference “Women4Climate”

Patricia de Lille fired a stern warning to almost half of Cape Town’s residents today, when she claimed that 49% of the population aren’t playing ball over the water crisis.

In a press released shared by News24, de Lille revealed that dam levels in the region have dropped by 1%. Given that the water reserves are hitting all-time lows, that’s a huge chunk of the capacity that has ebbed away in the last week.

Patricia De Lille calls out ‘effortless’ water guzzlers

The Mayor points to both hot, humid weather and high winds contributing to the decline, but also pointed the finger at water guzzlers who, inexplicably, are not grasping the severity of their situation:

“Our dam levels have declined by 1% over the last week. This could be attributed to high winds and hot weather contributing to evaporation. We have managed to half Cape Town’s water usage, with the help of 51% of water users who have put tremendous effort into conservation.”

“I want to make this partnership work even more effectively. I appeal to all water users – especially the 49% who aren’t saving water yet – to join our efforts to beat this drought. Your help is vital. We need you to come on board with ‘Team Cape Town’.”

In Pictures: Heartbreaking images show Beaufort West dam all but empty

Dam levels across the Western Cape stumbled to a capacity level of just 34.8% this week. The National Department of Water and Sanitation confirmed the decline. They also revealed that, at this time last year, the dams were 59% full. Disaster certainly looms.

Western Cape dam levels for 13th November:

  • Theewaterskloof: 25% (2016: 50%) 
  • Voëlvlei Dam: 27% (2016: 69%)
  • Clanwilliam Dam: 36% (2016: 95%)
  • Brandvlei Dam: 32% (2016: 55%)

It is imperative to remember that the last 10% of dam water is ‘unfit’ for human consumption. So if you’re still nonplussed by all this, take that 10% off and then, hopefully, it’s a little more obvious what a terrible state Cape Town is in.

Every drop counts, guys. Every single last one. Whatever you can do is a welcome effort. Like Patricia de Lille, we salute the 51 per-centers. But now, those in the oversized minority… You have to wake up!