It gets wors: Woolies bring ou

Photo: Woolworths Online

It gets wors: Woolies bring out TWO MORE ‘fish sausages’

Mzansi was *rattled* by the introduction of hake sausages to our shelves last week – but Woolies have introduced some more ‘fishy additions’.

It gets wors: Woolies bring ou

Photo: Woolworths Online

Something fishy is going on down at Woolies. They damn near broke social media when their first ‘seafood sausage’ went on sale last week, and in the days that have followed, two similar products have gone on sale.

From hake sausage, to haddock and trout…

Woolworths has confirmed that both CHEESE AND HADDOCK SAUSAGES and TROUT SAUSAGES (pictured above) are also available to buy in-store and online. The hake version, which has absorbed most of the outrage, remains on sale too – completing the retailers range of fish-packed wors.

Where do we start? Well, the cheese and haddock brand is made from sustainably sourced fish, with paprika and spring onions thrown in for good measure. The trout sausage, also ethically produced, is packed full of complementary herbs. Both come in packs of eight, weighing in at 400 grams.

Fish sausages hit the shelves at Woolies

All three of the aforementioned sausages are suitable for halal, and range between 500 – 800 kJ per 100g. Each product is on sale for R99, and you get R40 knocked off your bill if you buy any two of these seafood sausages – knocking more than 20% off the initial price. Now THAT leaves a good taste…

Woolies Hake Sausage
This is the hake wors that initially sparked a massive debate online last week – will you be trying it, though? – Photo: Woolworths Online

How South Africans reacted to Woolies and its fishwors

With the summer season fast approaching, ‘fishwors’ could be the unlikely addition to your next braai. If nothing else, it’s a conversation starter – and there are two camps developing already, between those who care… and those who don’t:

  • Oh, and Woolies haven’t been shy to big-up their divisive new food items online…