Kenny Kunene John Steenhuisen 234

Photo: Twitter

β€˜You slutted against your wife!’ – Kenny Kunene hammers John Steenhuisen

The political jibe of the week was never in doubt, after playboy-politician Kenny Kunene slammed John Steenhuisen for ‘slutting’. Yes, really.

Kenny Kunene John Steenhuisen 234

Photo: Twitter

It’s not been a great week for John Steenhuisen, but even the DA leader wouldn’t have expected a candidate from a rival political party to publicly shame him for ‘slutting’. The quite incredible jibe came from Kenny Kunene, a flashy businessesman who has launched his political career with the Patriotic Alliance.

Kenny Kunene calls John Steenhuisen out for ‘slutting’

The PA, run by Gayton McKenzie, are looking to follow up some mild by-election success by taking some big strides forward in the 2021 Local Elections. Following the Phoenix poster controversy, Steenhuisen has been something of a sitting duck for opponents – and Kunene burst the net when presented with an open goal.

As Deputy President of the PA, Kenny Kunene harbours a lot of responsibility for the party’s performance. He wants to present the best possible image of these ‘new kids on the block’, but after Steenhuisen dubbed them ‘the green gangsters’, Kunene felt the time had come to put the DA leader on blast.

How Kenny Kunene vs John Steenhuisen played out

The bad blood had been brewing for the best part of a week, after Kunene fired up the beef on Twitter…

Gloves off between Democratic, Patriotic Alliances

Speaking at a campaign event a few days ago, the playboy-politician fired back, slamming Mr. Steenhuisen for ‘being a slut in private’ after having an affair more than a decade ago. He also made light of the 45-year-old’s lack of qualifications, and mocked his ability to speak Afrikaans. Needless to say, Kenny Kunene was ON ONE:

“Nobody attacks you if you aren’t doing damage to them. Steenhuisen calls us green gangsters. But I’ve got a message for him: I was slutting IN PUBLIC, but you slutted against your wife IN PRIVATE.

“You were sleeping around IN PRIVATE. You had a problem with the zip, so don’t start…By the way, John Steenhuisen. I have passed my matric. I am a qualified teacher… but this guy, he doesn’t even know his first language.”